Board Of Directors


Will Wareham – President
Robert Spalding – Treasurer
David Larkin – Secretary
Bob Cordts – ARC Committee Chair
Sue Stansell – Social Committee Chair


The positions of the BOD were determined by election at the Board’s Organizational Meeting. To contact any of the Directors please email the OTP HOA email account:



The OTP BOD consists of 5 (five) members who are elected to stagger 2 (two) year terms at the association’s annual meeting.



The Olde Tabby Park (OTP), Board of Directors (BOD), will meet monthly at the date, place & time @ TBD.


Management Company:

The BOD employs the services of a management company to assist in conducting the community’s affairs. Sentry Management ( is the current contractor and our Point of Contact their is Bob Carney @ or via phone 843.795.0190 ext 211.